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Business legal services based in Edinburgh providing bespoke business legal advice at a cost-effective price.

Our unique combination of skills can help you to grow your business by:

  • providing sound commercial legal advice
  • proactively helping to create opportunities
  • helping to prevent avoidable losses
  • increasing your return from contracts

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Business legal services expertise

Contracts & Agreements

Properly constructed contracts can avoid subsequent disputes.

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Terms and Conditions

Standard trading terms & conditions for your business, website and for online trading.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We can advise the type of dispute resolution suitable for particular situations.

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Intellectual Property

Ensuring you identify, protect and optimise the intellectual property of your business.

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IT and Technology legal services

For example hardware and technical support agreements and software licences.

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Data Protection

In this Information Age, compliance with data protection legislation is not optional....

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“Winning and managing contracts” The viability of your business depends on the success of your contractual relationships, throughout all phases of the Commercial Process:- from quoting or tendering for the business through to contract completion, we can assist in ensuring the business is conducted profitably and securely.

To help your business with any contractual relationships, we can carry out a health check when a new relationship emerges - maybe the review of a new contract or opportunity, or a 'check up' of an existing relationship.

What our clients say

"Gavin was a very calm and swift advisor for a shareholder agreement we had to set up. 
I was glad I was given his contact details by my accountant. 
Gavin got in touch immediately and set up a meeting and advised knowledgeably and wisely on all the fine details that needed addressed. 
Much appreciated."

Beryl Preuschmann, CEO and Founder at spintopMEDIA

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