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Commercial expertise

Gavin has had many years of procurement, contracts and commercial management experience in industry prior to gaining legal qualification. This included not just drafting and negotiating contracts, agreements and commercial arrangements for projects but the actual hands-on management of them right through to completion.

From this practical hands-on experience of managing contracts, legal knowledge and dispute resolution experience, we know how important it is to get these things right in business.

Gavin has experience of;

  • being a member of the divisional management team for a large plc
  • managing the commercial process in customer-facing and supplier-facing roles
  • managing the ‘flow-down’ of contractual terms involved in subcontracting
  • drafting, negotiation and implementation of complex contracts
  • trouble-shooting and resolution of contractual problems
  • management of tendering, both as vendor and procurer.
  • due diligence of acquisition target contracts portfolios
  • identifying and implementing business process improvements at all levels