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Contracts and Agreements

  • Properly constructed contracts can avoid subsequent disputes
  • Failure to identify the key contractual risks is a major cause of lack of success in many projects and a cause of business failure

Examples of where we can help

  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
  • consultancy agreements
  • agency agreements
  • procurement contracts
  • trading terms and conditions
  • heads of terms
  • services agreements
  • collateral warranties
  • leases
  • franchise agreements
  • novation agreements
  • framework contracts with call-off facility
  • bespoke agreements.

What we offer

  • Drafting - We can draft documents to the specific client’s unique requirements. Sometimes it may be possible to adapt a client’s existing document. In all cases we will discuss the key provisions with the client to ensure the meaning and practical effects are clear.
  • Negotiation - Many years of ‘hands-on’ UK and international contract negotiation experience means that we are uniquely suited to perform this role for clients, either as part of a team or with specific delegated responsibility. Often this approach will allow clients to avoid being seen to be ‘difficult’ themselves and so help to maintain cordial relations with their customer or key supplier.
  • Review - Often clients will simply be presented with a contract and asked to sign it. We can examine the document, explain its terms and practical effects in plain english and advise what points need clarification or amendment. We recognize that contracts have a value in relation to the business they represent. A practical approach is necessary.