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Pre Trading

What is a Trademark?
Published on 05-May-11 16:07
By Gavin Tosh

Getting Business

Collaborative Tendering: Part 6
Published on 11-May-12 10:45
By Gavin Tosh

Managing Contracts

Costly disagreements: Part 2
Published on 07-Apr-11 16:13
By Gavin Tosh

Growing the business

Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 2
Published on 09-Jun-11 16:29
By Gavin Tosh

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Getting Business

Making a sale and acquiring new business is crucial to the success. It can be challenging, costly, stressful and exciting. The opportunities seem obvious, the risks less so.

It is all too easy for businesspeople to get carried away with the optimism, urgency and excitement; resulting in unnecessary costs, business lost - or worse - business being obtained on unclear or disadvantageous terms.



Collaborative Tendering: Part 6
Having put together an effective team to bid for a tender, discussed all the issues and all signed up to a comprehensive Teaming Agreement, it is nonetheless wise to have an awareness of what to watch out for in the way of threats to the relationship.
Published on 11-May-12 10:45
By Gavin Tosh
Collaborative Tendering: Part 5
Having discussed in the last article why a Teaming Agreement is a good idea, this article will focus on what issues a Teaming Agreement might address.
Published on 13-Apr-12 10:37
By Gavin Tosh
Collaborative Tendering: Part 4
The process of developing a collaboration can be lengthy and fraught with difficulties. From a legal perspective, clearly you will need to have quite detailed discussions with other parties before you can all assess whether you are right for each other.
Published on 07-Apr-12 10:25
By Gavin Tosh

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