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Pre Trading

What is a Trademark?
Published on 05-May-11 16:07
By Gavin Tosh

Getting Business

Collaborative Tendering: Part 6
Published on 11-May-12 10:45
By Gavin Tosh

Managing Contracts

Costly disagreements: Part 2
Published on 07-Apr-11 16:13
By Gavin Tosh

Growing the business

Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 2
Published on 09-Jun-11 16:29
By Gavin Tosh

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Growing the business

When the business has been going a while, your thoughts might turn to how to grow or develop the business by creating formal contractual relationships with others. Similarly, getting a new business off the ground can depend upon or be facilitated by such contractual relationships. These are not ‘buyer – seller’ relationships but are contractual nonetheless. Once again, pitfalls and opportunities abound.



Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 2
Without any agreement otherwise, a shareholder can sell their shares to anyone. For example, in the event of a dispute they could sell them to a competitor.
Published on 09-Jun-11 16:29
By Gavin Tosh
Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 1
A Shareholder Agreement will set out an agreed position on what is to happen in a variety of situations which will or may arise in the course of the shareholder relationship.
Published on 24-Mar-11 16:16
By Gavin Tosh
What is a Shareholder Agreement?
A shareholder Agreement is a legally binding arrangement entered into between each of the shareholders in a company by which they agree how their relationship as shareholders will be regulated.
Published on 05-Jan-11 16:02
By Gavin Tosh

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