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How Clerwood Legal Services work with you

The words 'legal fees' strike fear into many people's hearts and they are the reason why many people - particularly those who are working independently or starting small businesses - often avoid approaching a solicitor. The traditional method of charging clients is by time spent. Too often, before they know it, a client is faced with a huge bill. We believe that this method of charging clients is unnecessary for the nature of services we offer.

Clerwood Legal Services provides practical legal and commercial support to the high professional standards that would be expected from a large legal firm but on a more personal and cost-effective basis.

Flexibility is the key. The following business arrangements are examples of how we can do business together:-

'On board' - an initial fact finding and familiarisation meeting, 'money laundering' formalities completed and an agreement entered into. Thereafter, an unlimited telephone helpline service will be provided in return for a monthly retainer.

'As required' -  no pre-existing agreement, no helpline, no retainer, services sought as and when a need arises - and fixed price agreed.

'Team member ' - pre-arranged, regular supply of certain number of hours per week/month, which can be at client's premises.

'Pre-purchase block' - block of discounted time purchased, used as required.