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Pre Trading

What is a Trademark?
Published on 05-May-11 16:07
By Gavin Tosh

Getting Business

Collaborative Tendering: Part 6
Published on 11-May-12 10:45
By Gavin Tosh

Managing Contracts

Costly disagreements: Part 2
Published on 07-Apr-11 16:13
By Gavin Tosh

Growing the business

Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 2
Published on 09-Jun-11 16:29
By Gavin Tosh

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Managing contracts

One should be aware constantly of the potential for problems and opportunities  in the course of a contractual relationship, no matter how simple and straightforward it appeared at the outset. Having a written contract is a good start. One can of course have a verbal contract but this is asking for trouble in all but the most simple of contractual arrangements. And make sure it is in place before you start and is not an afterthought, as it may be difficult to negotiate once you have started the job.



Costly disagreements: Part 2
What you are seeking to avoid is the nightmare scenario of “changing goalposts” or “specification creep” in which the customer’s demands change and expand during the course of the contract as he recognizes his initial omissions and you cannot point to a definitive statement of the full extent of your obligations
Published on 07-Apr-11 16:13
By Gavin Tosh
Costly disagreements: Part 1
The purpose of this series of articles is to identify common causes of contractual problems and provide some tips on how to avoid them.
Published on 03-Feb-11 15:57
By Gavin Tosh
Costly disagreements: Part 3
Delays in delivery of goods or performance of services can happen for a variety of reasons and are a common focus of disputes, additional costs and delays to payment.
Published on 28-Jul-11 16:26
By Gavin Tosh

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