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Pre Trading

What is a Trademark?
Published on 05-May-11 16:07
By Gavin Tosh

Getting Business

Collaborative Tendering: Part 6
Published on 11-May-12 10:45
By Gavin Tosh

Managing Contracts

Costly disagreements: Part 2
Published on 07-Apr-11 16:13
By Gavin Tosh

Growing the business

Why have a Shareholder Agreement? Part 2
Published on 09-Jun-11 16:29
By Gavin Tosh

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Pre Trading

There are so many important issues for new businesses to tackle even before they commence trading it is almost inevitable that something will be overlooked which will mean an opportunity missed or a problem stored for the future.

Being aware of issues and addressing them at the outset can enhance both the security and profitability of the business going forward.



What is a Trademark?
A trademark is a sign which identifies the products or services of a business and, may consist of words, slogans, musical compositions, logos, shapes, numerals, colours or any combination of these. It can also include sounds or even smells. In fact a trade mark can be anything, which distinguishes your business from those of other traders.
Published on 05-May-11 16:07
By Gavin Tosh
Other people's copyright
Being aware of and protecting your own intellectual property rights is important but so is understanding the rights of other people in regard to their material which you may come into contact with.
Published on 17-Feb-11 15:48
By Gavin Tosh
Your virtual business
Once you have your website, it is not complete without addressing “the legals”.
Published on 11-Oct-10 16:37
By Gavin Tosh

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